High rise building in Perth, Australia . Asking what are manged services in the IT industry and what does it involve.

If you’re looking to understand what are managed services, then you’ve come to the right place with us at CBM Corporate. Managed services is an offering where a third-party company undertakes end-to-end analysis, maintenance, development and support of a particular system or systems w

Men in corporate building, Perth Western Australia. Asking what are managed services in the IT industry.

What Are Managed Services: An In-Depth View Into The Operations Of Managed Service Providers

A managed service provider (MSP) handles every aspect of IT for a client either proactively or via a subscription model. So, what are managed services? This question has become vital in the running of business operations for many organisations because it applies to all enterprises, whether small, medium or large.

While managed services were traditionally restricted to large enterprises, small businesses will also benefit from this type of technological administration, and are not as cost-intensive as previously imagined.

In the most simple terms, the role of managed services means that a business outsources some part of its technological operations to an expert providing managed IT solutions. Ultimately, these types of managed services can help organisations save money and time, allowing them to bring productivity and profitability to the helm.

Managed services can easily be tailored to any business in any industry because of its wide-ranging reach. Some of the offerings include areas like cloud services, data recovery, network management, running applications, security, storage and monitoring. A managed service provider typically identifies and analyses areas where businesses need expert services, and work to oversee them for the eventual benefit of the organisation. In your quest to understand more about what are managed services, here are some benefits of working with providers like CBM Corporate:

High rise building in Perth, Australia . Asking what are manged services in the IT industry and what does it involve.

Dedicated Team For Handling Specific Tasks

When you run an organisation, it’s hard for you to dedicate specific resources focussed only on IT. But the fact is that technology is an important part of your business in the modern world. A managed service provider offers you a dedicated team for handling specific assigned tasks. You’ll have a point of contact that will keep you updated of the progress of the outsourced work with minimal intervention required from you.


When you hire an external managed service provider, you have a person who is in-charge and accountable for the services you’re paying for. You’ll be updated through reports and score cards enabling you to see the tangible benefits being delivered to your business.

Personalised Service

So, what are managed services? Ultimately, this cannot be a one size fits all strategy. A good managed service provider stays away from rigid services, and offers a personalised strategy for your specific business needs. You’ll have the chance to pick from a range of services that are best suited to your requirements without having to pay for all the bells and whistles.

Updated Technology

Managed services providers always remain updated when it comes to technology – it’s their business, after all. They use updated programs to monitor and analyse your technological needs, enabling you to benefit from efficient systems without having to make the investment on your own. To ensure comprehensive utilisation of technology, your service provider will offer technical knowledge and flexibility to adapt offerings to your specific needs.

Adaptability For Any Business

No matter what business you run, a managed service provider like CBM Corporate can find ways to boost your workplace productivity through smart use of technology. While they are not capital intensive for you, they can change the way you run your business through simple streamlining. m

Managed services are relevant to all businesses who rely on technology for progress, whether small or large. In fact, employing managed services can have a particularly positive impact on the bottomline of small businesses because they create new opportunities for savings and productivity maximisation. A specialist who understands your specific needs can make a huge impact on your IT operations, keeping your business running without any major investments needed from you.

At CBM Corporate, our experienced team will look after all your IT needs by utilising a range of skilled technicians to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. If you are looking to know more about what are managed services, give us a call and find out how we can make a difference to the way your business operates.
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