A direct communication line to employees, clients as well as potential customers is essential to keep business operations running smoothly.

All businesses should be in search of advanced, secure and future-proofed IT solutions. A collaborative, unified IP Telephony service is a truly reliable and scalable solution organisations can trust.

Whether your customers and staff are in Australia or across the globe, CBM’s IP Telephony service allows for affordable, reliable communication. As part of our managed IT services offerings, it is a natural fit for CBM Corporate to offer our clients IP Telephony too.

It’s time for Perth businesses to meet a reliable, affordable and powerful IP Telephony solution that truly works for them.

A Reliable, global communication solution from CBM Corporate

Competitive Pricing - Versatile pricing structures mean you only pay for the services you use.

Cloud-based - An entirely online service means zero capital investment and rapid global deployment.

Monthly Billing - All IP Telephony services are streamlined through predictable monthly billing.

Superior Support - Superior support compared to ISP’s because CBM manages your IT too.

A cost-effective, dynamic IP Telephony service that is easy to use and features superior tech support is the telephony solution Perth businesses need.

At CBM Corporate, we’re changing the telecommunications industry by providing the latest technologies to provide end users an affordable, versatile and unified communication service. CBM’s  Hosted IP Telephony service offers efficient client interface design capabilities so our clients receive superior services at a lower price.

Our IP Telephony web portal is centred around simplicity. All clients are able to make admin level changes via a self-service portal. In just a few clicks you’re able to create new out-of-office alerts, update existing ones as well as access services including inbound faxes.

For advanced configurations and support, CBM Corporate can provide a customised web portal that enables authorised personnel to make day-to-day changes to the phone system.

Dependable Managed IT Services from CBM Corporate
  • Enjoy peace of mind - trusting your technology to our expert team of IT professionals
  • Seize more opportunities - with user friendly technology that works
  • Increase your billable hours - consistent IT support yields more uptime
  • Take the guesswork out of your budgeting - with the convenience of our IT flat rate plan.
CBM Corporate's IP Telephony Features
Our unified IP Telephony service boasts the versatility and flexibility required to integrate with other systems. Whether our clients require a seamless single service or one that communicates with an array of other services, the CBM IP Telephony solution won’t disappoint.
A telephony service backed by BroadSoft means our locally hosted communication services are able to seamlessly grow and adapt as your business does. When your business’s suite of laptops, smartphones and tablets grows or shrinks, so too will the CBM IP Telephony service. This means you’ll only be paying for the services you use, rather than a universal flat rate, further enhancing our one stop/one monthly bill philosophy.
As the future of business moves into the cloud, so too should your national and global telephony solutions. The advanced CBM Corporate telephony solution is entirely cloud-based meaning there is zero initial investment. Your business team’s communication, collaboration and efficiency could skyrocket without a single down payment or any complex cabling set up.
Aside from our client portal's unrivaled simplicity, a cloud-based solution also means an organisation’s entire IP Telephony service can be deployed in just hours. An entire global customer base and your team can be connected and working together with no disconnect, regardless of where they are on the planet.
We proudly offer technical support that is far superior to most other ISP and telephony companies, and that’s because we manage your IT too. We know exactly how many devices you have connected to your IP Telephony service and this enables the CBM Corporate team to quickly spot issues and find solutions.

We stand by our service and that means we’re certain there will be little downtime for maintenance and our service will work exactly as you expect. There’s no blame game, the buck stops with CBM!


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