Network security is effectively the business’s plan to guarantee the security of its assets including all network traffic. It is designed to protect the functionality & reliability of your network and includes both hardware & software technologies.

Effective network security manages all access to your network and targets an assortment of threats & stops them from impacting on your network.

How does network security work?

An effective Network security solution combines multiple defensive layers at the edge and within your network.

Each network security layer implements policies & controls.  Approved users gain access to network resources, but Unauthorised users are blocked from implementing Malicious exploits & threats.

Types of Network Security include :-
  • Access control
  • Antivirus & malware software
  • Application security
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Email security
  • Firewalls
  • Intrusion prevention systems
  • Mobile device security
  • Network segmentation
  • Security information and event management
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Network Access Control (NAC)
  • Web security
  • Wireless security


Enforcement concerns analysing all network traffic flows and should aim to preserve the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all systems and information on the network.

These values are :-

  • Confidentiality – protecting network/business assets from unauthorized access
  • Integrity – ensuring any modifications are handled by a specified and authorized method
  • Availability – a state of the system in which authorized users have uninterrupted access


At CBM Corporate, we provide network security testing & management to ensure your data is safe.  We assess your existing systems, identify flaws and address identified concerns with an effective solution to meets your security needs.

We use technologies from industry leading manufacturers including:-


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