HP partnership ecosystem

When you have a powerful workstation like the HP CadWorkstation. You need some powerful CadWorkstation software to run all your programs.

HP has invested in and developed an extensive partner ecosystem to ensure that our workstations are tested, proven and often certified for the applications your work depends upon — including engineering, architecture, professional video editing, 3D animation, healthcare, geospatial mapping and powerful CadWorkstation Software among others.

HP and partners collaborate to ensure that your workstation, applications, and other critical solution components run seamlessly — right out of the box.

Customer Advisory Councils

Before our workstations help create solutions, our customers help create our workstations.

Award winning designs, like our tool-less chassis and integrated handles, are direct results of customer suggestions during our advisory process.

Rigorous testing and certification

HP invests in people, equipment, partner relationships, as well as testing and ISV (Independent Software Vendor) certification processes to ensure HP Workstations work as expected with professional applications from the world's leading software companies.

Before HP Workstations receive ISV certification, they undergo rigorous testing.

This level of HP effort means your investment in software and HP hardware is protected — a commitment to the quality and support of your solution.


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