HP All-in-One evolution

Easily modify and change most components—no tools required. Unleash your creativity with accelerated performance and world-class reliability. Customise your display with optional 10-point touch technology in a stunning edge-to-edge glass design.

Make renders quicker and crashes a thing of the past with professional graphics and ECC memory.
Experience the HP All in One Workstation and stay one step ahead of your imagination.
And thanks to Thunderbolt technology, you'll transfer data at lightning-fast speeds with the ability to connect to high-resolution displays and high-performance data devices over a single Thunderbolt cable.

Powerful and Refined

Easily add a hard drive, a Thunderbolt 2 module, upgrade memory, or access the graphics card by snapping it open.
Enjoy the control of easily swapping out parts on your own.
And enhance your work with 10 finger multi-touch, HD Webcam, and whisper-quiet acoustics.
Unleash your creativity on a workstation that’s worthy of it.

See your work more clearly on an 27” diagonal LED-backlit display.

Choose either edge-to-edge glass with 10 finger multi-touch or anti-glare screen options.
And with a wide, 178 degree viewing angle and IPS panel, the HP Workstation display is professional any way you look at it.
With equally professional NVIDIA Quadro graphics for blazing fast renders and performance, the HP gives you the time to be your creative best.
HP Z1 G2 All in One Workstation

HP All-in-One evolution

The HP Z1 G2 All in One Workstation is HP’s elegant and innovative all-in-one workstation with a brilliant, large-screen display.

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HP Z1 G3 Workstation

Reimagining our most innovative workstation.

We’ve once again pushed the innovation bar higher with dramatic, stylish updates to HP’s Z1 Workstation All-in-One.

Featuring a space-optimized, uncompromised, and fully featured design at a budget conscience price point, the HP Z1 G3 Workstation is still the world’s first and only All in One Workstation.

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