Planning, designing & implementing a network or an upgrade is an intimidating task, even for established companies with an IT department.

CBM Corporate creates tailored networking solutions designed around your business specific needs. We offer flexible networking services that are essential for any successful business. Our scalable network solutions can be tailor-made based on the changing business needs and are all about delivering better performance.

We have a long-established track record of helping our clients to realize the benefits of networking through improved business flexibility, reduced costs and increased productivity. CBM Corporate understands your needs and offers the best tailored networking services to meet your business objectives.

Our networking solutions include:
  • Network planning, design, implementation, maintenance and security
  • Video, data, and voice services
  • Cabled and wireless LAN and WAN solutions
  • Network security and VPN systems
  • IP telephony (VoIP)
  • Content management and load balancing
  • Traffic audit, monitoring and analysis
  • Enterprise network support
Why CBM Corporate:
  • Secure networking services
  • Straightforward and reliable converged wired and wireless network
  • Cost and complexity reduction
  • Cloud solutions and support for distributed networks

CBM Corporate professionals evaluate customer’s requirements and determine the ideal networking solution.  We ONLY deploy best of breed networking infrastructure for best performance.  Our networking solutions are tried & tested and are highly recommended by existing our clients.  

CBM understands that networking solutions are significant to our client success and we always strive to deliver reliable support.  We are ideally positioned to become your IT partner for all enterprise-wide and comprehensive utilizations of both wireless and cabled network solutions.  

With our solutions, you can increase revenue by connecting remote sites, protect your network through our security solutions, improve performance & productivity by enabling staff collaboration - despite their geographical location and lower costs through automation.


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