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Cloud Services allows businesses to access systems, applications, hardware and data storage online. You can access all your business tools and information from one place wherever and whenever you are. Cloud computing levels the playing field between big businesses and small startups (like a fledgling design company or new content marketing agency). Your business will get access to technologies and software solutions that have been too expensive before.

A cloud is a super-fast connection or network of computers enabling business operations. For instance creating a document, sharing files or storing files online.

Cloud Services Include:

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Your business gets to benefit from cloud hardware and software installations over a virtual interface. Infrastructure involves the provision of servers, security features and networking. As well as email hosting, website hosting, data back up and data analysis. Your business will no longer have to invest in on-site hardware and data centers.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

PaaS services facilitate the building of internet applications and services. This cloud service is ideal for software developers that build to build enterprise applications. PaaS cloud services includes business intelligence services, development tools and database management.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS cloud services include business applications such as calendars, conferencing tools, word processors, spreadsheets and timesheets. Your business will have all its business applications in one place for a seamless workflow. Cloud Services offers SaaS applications for accounting, marketing sales tracking, human resource management, and many other functions. Since the tools are on the cloud, you will no longer shoulder the burden of buying or managing such solutions.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

DRaaS relies on cloud resources to protect business systems and applications from disruption and loss. Data loss is a significant business concern resulting in substantial losses due to downtime. Cloud Services will enable your business to get back up and running with reliable data backup and recovery.

Benefits of cloud computing:

High-speed computing

Cloud Services have put in place the latest software and hardware in their server farms. You can expect superb performance because the system is continually updating. High-speed connectivity will ensure zero downtime.

Reliable networks

All activities whether storage, creation or processing can be done reliably online. You will no longer have to use old software, virus attacks or storage limits. Cloud computing offers several server farms facilitating your computer operations.

Easy use

With a cloud provider, you don’t have to have the technical knowledge or hire a team of IT professionals. Cloud Services include a team of experts that will be working to assist you and ensure all computing processes run smoothly.

Cost saving

Cloud hosting enables you to save on storage space, software updates, malware installation and technical support.

Cloud services include web hosting, email hosting, business applications, systems, and data backup. These systems and processes are facilitated virtually by a cloud provider. The advantages of cloud computing are immeasurable. Cloud Services guarantees strong data protection, immense storage space, affordable business software, and free updates.


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