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Like many multi-national businesses around the world, you’re possibly considering whether to outsource IT or connect with business IT support in Perth. There is a range of benefits to both, though when it comes to quality, reliability, and return on investment; there’s not too much that comes close to keeping your IT in Perth. 



Business IT Support Perth Outsourcing


With Australia and Perth, in particular, being home to so many incredible IT support companies, there’s a good chance that there are some incredible, affordable and dynamic IT support staff waiting to help you and your business out. 


If you’re caught up on whether to outsource or if you’re looking for a reason to stay with IT companies in Perth, then we have a few points outlined for you below. Take a look. 


Outsourcing Within Perth is an Option over Internal Staff


There’s a good chance your business will get by just fine with a single internal staff member handling your IT requirements, and there’s an equally good chance that this employee could be incredibly expensive. In Australia, most IT professionals earn upward of $100,000 a year, which may make or break the decision for you. 


One thing to keep in mind is that if you begin your IT support in Perth in-house, it will have to remain in-house even as you expand – in most cases. That will mean you’ll be stuck hiring more and more IT staff as you grow, costing you a tonne of money that you might not be ready to part with, which may not be viable if you’re a startup or a fairly new business.


There’s also the issue of keeping your staff members up-skilled. All education and internal qualification-building are up to you, meaning extra added costs, which brings us to our top reason for reaching out to business IT support – regulatory compliance. 


Sticking in Perth Means Complying with Regulation


In Australia, a significant majority of IT processes are regulated by the government and local associations, meaning that outsourcing your IT to overseas locations, or even out of state, could mean skipping on regulation. Not only is this a compliance problem, but it can also open your business up to several vulnerabilities. 


For example, accounting fields and other industries that deal with sensitive data are required to encrypt this data and keep it stored safely. If you’re a business that undertakes these processes and you outsource your IT services and storage to an overseas location, you might be inadvertently violating these laws and also exposing your client’s details and sensitive data. 


If you are considering outsourcing, it’s in your best interests and the interests of your customers and clients to thoroughly check the IT provider’s compliance and privacy standards. You don’t want to be caught up in constant data leaks or intellectual property theft by working with service providers who have poor security. 


To conclude, there are also penalties for businesses who are not following compliance. Not only could these be financial, but they also may be penalties that come from cybercriminals stealing data or ruining your reputation.


Keep in Mind Quality of Service 


For businesses based in Australia, there’s little that compares to the quality of service you’ll find with companies based in the country. 


Far too many small businesses in Perth feel as though MSPs are going to spread themselves too thin and focus too heavily on specific clients, and will completely ignore others, though this is rarely the case. 


By sticking with local IT companies in Perth, you’re effectively getting: 


  • A local team with local knowledge
  • A business working within the same timezone
  • IT specialists held to Australian standards 


If you’re looking for the highest quality service and to work with an IT team that’s always online, ready and raring to go when you are, then keeping your IT in Perth is undoubtedly the best option for you. 


With this in mind, you’re also able to streamline communication and keep processes running smoothly, allowing you to more easily strengthen existing partnerships with clients and customers, something that outsourcing cannot match. 

As you can see above, keeping your business IT support in Perth is almost always going to be your best bet when it comes to quality control and capable support members.


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