For businesses today, a fully functioning and active managed IT service in Perth is non-negotiable. It’s what keeps enterprises productive, secure, and ahead of the competition. Without it, you’re left lagging in the industry and forced to waste time, money, and energy on repairing and troubleshooting IT issues by yourself. 


With a majority of Australian and Perth-based businesses failing to invest in technology correctly, there’s a significant gap when it comes to productivity and profitability. If you’re not making use of a managed IT service or local team you’re losing out on the expertise needed to guide you in making wise investment decisions. 



All of that said, here are our three ways managed IT can actually save your business money, and how you can get the most out of your investment in technology. 

1. Reviewing Current Device Leases, Contracts and Plans


To start, one of the most significant revenue declines that businesses are experiencing are those that come from mismanaged device leases and cellular contracts. A general rule of thumb is to have someone take a look at device leases, data plans, and other agreements each year – this is because most carriers and providers often massively reduce fees or change plan inclusions every twelve months. 


If you’re a business with a range of cellular devices, laptops, desktops, hosted storage and other contracts, you could find yourself saving upwards of $10,000 each year by having an IT department take a look at these contracts for you. 


Examples of costly contracts include: 


  • Software Leases
  • Smartphone Contracts
  • Cloud Hosting Subscriptions
  • Office Phone Plans


Another major perk of managed IT services in Perth is that you may be able to quickly move data storage in-house, saving you from hiring or taking up hefty data storage bills each month. 

2. Security Checks and Cybercrime Mitigation


In an all-digital world, the threat of cybercrime is no longer that of science fiction, and really does cost businesses hundreds of billions of dollars a year around the globe. If you’re a business, you need managed IT services in Perth to keep your devices, hosting and files kept secure. 


The average business owner and employee team don’t have the skill and technological adeptness to make these moves and changes on their own, so a managed IT team is a godsend.


Across Australia, businesses don’t only have money directly stolen from them, and their operations, but also have their services slowed down or stopped entirely, thanks to cyber attacks. If you’re not prepared or protected from these attacks, you’re going to lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars after an attack. Depending on the severity, you may also be subjected to lawsuits from angry clients who have had their data stolen! 


Managed IT support will be able to keep your business’s devices and software well up to date, and also be able to spot any vulnerabilities that can be exploited. A few of the changes and perks of having a managed IT service in Perth on your side include: 


  • A team to upgrade the software to more secure versions for you,
  • Staff looking into whether files, websites, and portals are vulnerable to attacks,
  • Skilled experts will make routine backups of files and data in case of cyber issues.  


Just these few changes can keep your business from falling victim to a cyber attack and may even be what saves you from folding in the case of a devastating company-wide attack. 


3. The Information to Save on New Hardware and Software


A vast majority of Perth-based and Aussie businesses invest far too much money into subpar hardware and software and also fail to recognise the future upgradability of devices. Companies spend tens of thousands of dollars a year on new equipment, only to have their workflows change, rendering those new devices useless. 


There’s a good chance your team isn’t entirely in the ‘know’ when it comes to technology, so a dedicated team who can; 


  • Compare device prices,
  • Test software for productivity,
  • Spotlight ideal hosting plans,
  • And more, is ideal for every business. 

With expert managed IT teams on your side, you’re free to consult with them on upgrading hardware and software. They’ll be able to direct you to the best deals, and they’ll also have the experience to let you know when you’ll need to upgrade from these devices in the future. That said, there really are a multitude of different ways that managed IT services in Perth can save your business money.


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