Stop worrying about your IT AND your budget

CBM Corporate based in North Perth provides quality flat rate IT services to business within the Western Australian region.  No matter whether it’s a hardware or software problem, if you have issues with your technology, not only does your business grind to a halt, but you’re left wondering just how much it’s going to cost you to get the issue fixed.

When you partner with CBM Corporate, you’ll never have to worry about either of those things again. When you have technology problems, we're just a phone call or an email away and we will provide a solution quickly and efficiently.

And best of all, because we offer our IT Support Services for one affordable flat monthly fee, you'll get all the support you need whilst knowing exactly what you'll be paying for come end of the month!

Flat Rate IT Support from CBM Corporate gives you:
  • Less stress - because you know problems will be solved quickly and accurately for the long term
  • Fewer outages - because we proactively manage your IT systems, we’ll stop minor issues from becoming large and expensive ones
  • Predictable budgeting - our flat rate model means you know exactly what you’ll be paying for IT support every month

Flat Rate IT Support from CBM Corporate is perfect for helping small and medium sized businesses operate more efficiently, while keeping control of their budgets, in what can often be a competitive and difficult economic climate.


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WA owned & operated, CBM Corporate, a multi-disciplined company with capabilities in a wide variety of ICT facets, including IT Procurement, IT Managed Services, Audio Visual, Video Conferencing & Unified Communications.

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