Cloud computing is increasingly becoming the go-to option for many businesses today. Here are five reasons why cloud computing is not just a current trend but also promises to be the future of technology.

1. It Allows For Continuous Innovation


While speedy response and cost-effectiveness are extremely important factors for a business in today’s market, innovation is also key in helping a business survive in the cut-throat competition of the global market. Once again, the cloud makes the entire process of developing a product, putting it on market trial and assessing feedback faster and easier for the company. 

This means rolling out a new products will happen at a more rapid pace for a company using cloud computing services.


2. Offers Businesses Quick Response-Time


In the increasingly dynamic market of today, sometimes the key difference between a successful business and one that fails to survive is the ability to respond quickly to changing consumer sentiment. As opposed to traditional IT services, which can take weeks or months to provision the resources required, the cloud can make resources available in a matter of minutes. This allows a company to identify, respond to and modify on grounds of feedback, a new trend at a much faster pace.


3. More Secure Than On-Site Computing Systems


Contrary to popular belief, the cloud is actually much more secure for its users than the typical on-site IT system. 

Its security across all its platforms is believed to have improved and continues to do so as all the big cloud providers have invested most of their research and development capital into developing better and stronger cloud-based security systems. This ensures greater confidentiality, fewer glitches and thus, fewer costs incurred in managing errors or lapses in security. Additionally in cases such as a power failure, the cloud offers a secure place for storage of all data, which can be easily accessed and business can be conducted as usual with very little loss of productivity even in the face of a crisis.


4. It Offers Greater Flexibility


Firstly, the cloud offers businesses flexibility of structure, allowing it to up-scale or down-scale its operations according to the market conditions. This means that at no point in time does the company have to deal with a surplus of staff, saving on cost and time. 

Secondly, cloud computing offers employees greater flexibility in their work practices. In the work-from-home, remote access, flexible hours work culture of today, cloud computing is an ideal option as it allows employees to access data from their home or a remote location at any time of day. It also offers custom software to each employee based on their role and responsibility.




Businesses are operating in increasingly interconnected markets with intense competition and fast-changing tastes of demanding consumers. This trend is likely to continue and in the face of such market conditions, firms will need to continuously look to streamline their business, cut costs to offer better prices, develop new strategies to offer better quality, do research to keep at par with consumer tastes and continually innovate to create and capitalise on new trends. It is in all these performance areas, that cloud computing provides advantages that translate into gaining a competitive edge over rivals and improving a business’s profitability and return on investment. Importantly, there are also many other advantages of cloud computing, which all serve to make it the technology for the future, the investment that most firms will begin to see as almost necessary to stay alive in their respective markets.




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